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A Lego Gift Guide (Cool Finds from Indie Makers)

A Lego Gift Guide (Cool Finds from Indie Makers)


For those who love Lego, the excitement isn't just in the build—it's about finding unique pieces that enhance, display, or add a creative twist to their collection.

Here’s a roundup of LEGO-compatible products crafted by independent makers. Consider this a LEGO gift guide for any occasion— or retail therapy.

Let's get to it:


Wall Mount for LEGO 10318 Concorde - $30.60


A LEGO model of the Concorde aircraft mounted on a wall corner, flying over wall art, with other space-themed LEGO models visible.

Image via UltimateDisplay


This wall mount allows your LEGO 10318 Concorde to be displayed as if it's soaring in mid-flight. It supports various orientations and positions, including adjustable angles for the landing gear and nose, making your model a dynamic visual centerpiece in any room.

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Wall Mount for Mercedes AMG F1 - $15.74

A marketing image of a black Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E LEGO car displayed next to its box, which contains a tool, screws, and wall plugs, indicating an assembly or mounting kit.


Enhance your display with a wall mount that holds your LEGO Mercedes AMG F1 model in a frontal uplift position. This setup includes all the necessary hardware for an easy installation, transforming your model into a striking display piece.

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Brick Separator Bottle Opener Magnet - $14.95


A close-up of an orange LEGO bottle opener attached to a green bottle with a silver cap, against a backdrop of blue storage drawers filled with LEGO parts.

 Image via Saures


Combine your passion for LEGO and beer (or Mexican Cola) using this brick-separator bottle opener. This tool comes with a magnet for easy storage on any metallic surface, ensuring you’re always ready for a cold beverage.

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Angled Shelf Display Stand for LEGO Sets - $14.99


A collection of LEGO characters and vehicles displayed on a white wall-mounted shelf, featuring two Formula 1 cars and a diverse assortment of character figures from different franchises.
Dramatically display your LEGO sets with an angled shelf that enhances visibility and adds a dynamic touch to your setup. Ideal for showing off intricate details.

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LEGO Brick Nightlight - $24.42


A promotional image of a glowing yellow LEGO brick night light, with "3D Printed LEGO Brick Night Light" text displayed above.

 Image via HephaForged


Light up the dark corners of your room or your late-night building sessions with this charming LEGO brick nightlight. It’s cute enough to make a ghost smile in a haunted house.

👉 Available on Etsy


Leather Wall Mount Display for LEGO Technic McLaren - $89.00

A framed, overhead view of a McLaren Formula 1 LEGO car on a red background, showcasing the intricate design and assembly of the model.

Image via FantasMall


Display your LEGO Technic McLaren in style with a luxury leather wall mount. This premium display is backed with high-density fiber, encased in litchi grain leather. This leather wall mount turns your model into a luxe art piece.

👉  Visit Etsy to buy


Framed LEGO Pieces with Technical Measurements - $33.44


A framed image depicting a LEGO brick patent illustration, showing detailed measurements of yellow LEGO pieces, labeled with patent information and dated January 28, 1958. The frame is on a desk with blurred shelves of various LEGO figures in the background.

 Image via WhitusArts

This framed artwork features LEGO pieces laid out with technical measurements, resembling a classic patent drawing. It’s an artistic nod to the design and innovation of LEGO, perfect for art collectors and LEGO enthusiasts.

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3 Tier Riser Display for LEGO Speed Champion Cars - $19.99


A display of multiple LEGO cars on a black multi-tiered shelf, including models of various sports cars in different colors.

 Image via TechnicallyBuilt


Don’t let your Speed Champions just sit in a pile. Organize and showcase your LEGO Speed Champions series with a custom 3-tier display riser. Display them proudly on a tiered riser that shows you take your car collection seriously—even if they are made of LEGO. 

👉 See it on Etsy


LEGO Compatible Bouquet Vase - $55.25


Two geometric LEGO vases in yellow and white, each with a distinctive angular design and a textured surface, placed on a wooden table.

 Image via bitwerk


This LEGO-compatible vase offers a creative way to display flowers or store bricks. Its customizable design works with any LEGO pieces, making it a versatile addition to your home or office.

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Handmade Mini Figure Death Star Display Shelf - $59.99


A wall-mounted gray LEGO shelf shaped like a Death Star, displaying various Star Wars LEGO figures, set against a wooden background.

 Image via lgonrd


Convert your sprawling minifigure collection into an organized empire with this Death Star display shelf. It holds over 70 figures and guarantees that the force will always be with you—or at least with your collection.

👉 Order on Etsy


F1 VER and LEC BrickHeadz - $26.97


Two LEGO figures held in a hand, representing Formula 1 drivers Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, with team and sponsor logos on their outfits.

 Image via herrcollectible


Build your own LEGO Brickheadz of Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen with this kit, which includes real LEGO parts, stickers, and step-by-step instructions. It's a must-have for F1 fans.

👉 Grab yours on Etsy


Wall Mounted Display Board for LEGO Minifigures - $24.99


An image showing a collection of various LEGO characters displayed on a wall-mounted white shelf. Two Formula 1 LEGO cars are also displayed, one flipped upside down.


Transform your collection from cluttered to a curated display with this sleek, minimalist display board that securely holds each minifigure. With its track system, you can configure them in any arrangement your heart desires. 

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Closing thoughts

And there you have it, a treasure trove of indie-made Lego gems for any occasion. Because let's face it, nothing says "I Really Care" more than a thoughtful Lego gift. 

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