The loveliest buds in town come not from a garden or an some exotic country, but from a brick box.

Yes, the Lego Bouquet of Roses (set 10328) is stealing hearts everywhere, and one question remains: where do you put these pixelated beauties?


lego roses set in a shelf

Fear not, lovebirds and brick enthusiasts!

Here's the thing, not just any vase will do for these unique flowers.


Finding the Right Fit

Though the stems of the LEGO roses are adjustable and can be made shorter if necessary, we've discovered that the ideal vase size is around 8 inches in height, with a mouth that's not too narrow or too wide.

This size ensures that your LEGO roses will stand tall and proud, displaying their beauty in full.

Now, let's delve into the world of vases, from budget-friendly finds to splurge-worthy statements:


Budget Beauties


A clear glass vase.

A clear glass vase, versatile for bouquets or as decor.
Ikea price: $2.99



A gray vase with round shapes and grooves.

Gray vase with round shapes and grooves for a warm look.
Ikea price: $9.99


Mid-Range Masterpieces


Tami 7.75'' Handmade Ceramic Table Vase

A vibrant ceramic vase with a unique design.

Vibrant ceramic vase with a unique design.
AllModern Price: $40

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LEGO Heart Keychain for Two

Not a vase, but a LEGO brick keychain set.

Each keychain set comes with two authentic Lego bricks, which when put together form a heart—so you and your special someone keeps a piece of each other close at all times.


Munich Handmade Ceramic Table Vase

A cylindrical vase with ribbed texture.

Cylindrical vase with ribbed texture, indoor/outdoor use.
AllModern Price: $40


A white vase.

White vase, perfect for enhancing bouquets.
IKEA Price: $15.99


A mouth-blown glass vase with an amber-colored base.

Mouth-blown glass vase with amber-colored base.
IKEA Price: $19.99

7.3'' Handmade Concrete Table Vase

A minimalist concrete vase with a textured surface.

Minimalist concrete vase with textured surface.
AllModern Price: $50

Sullivans 9'' Modern White Ribbed Vase

A white ceramic vase with a modern ribbed design.

White ceramic vase with a modern ribbed design.
Target Price: $24.99



Splurge-Worthy Statements


Pilar Handcrafted Glass Vase

An elegant glass vase.

Elegant glass vase in various sizes for floral arrangements.
Pottery Barn Price: $79 


Lyngby Porcelain Vases - Small 8.25"

Sleek, tall white porcelain vases.

Sleek, tall white porcelain vases with timeless design.
Pottery Barn Price: $89



Each of these vases has been selected not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their compatibility with the LEGO Bouquet of Roses.

They complement the charming LEGO flowers, enhancing the overall display and making a statement in any room. So this Valentine’s Day, or any day really, let your LEGO roses bloom in a vase that's as special as they are.