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Announcing Our First-Ever Custom Lego BrickHeadz Collection

Announcing Our First-Ever Custom Lego BrickHeadz Collection


The crew at Studbee has been busy in the Lego Bee Hive crafting some custom Lego BrickHeadz.

Introducing our latest MOC BrickHeadz that are sure to tickle your fancy and maybe even inspire a shelf makeover. 


Let’s dive into what’s new:


Pooh Bear BrickHeadz

Pooh Bear, the OG of chill vibes and wisdom wrapped in fluff. This little creation is a nod to those simpler times when all it took to solve a problem was a tight hug and maybe a pot of honey.

Custom Lego BrickHeadz rendition of Pooh Bear in yellow and red, holding a honey pot, against a white backdrop.


👉 Bring Home Pooh Bear - Honey not Included 


Orange Bird BrickHeadz

Next, we've got the Orange Bird BrickHeadz, straight from those sun-soaked Florida memories (or dreams). It’s like a little beacon of happiness, reminding us to find the sunny spots even on cloudy days.



Custom Lego BrickHeadz model of a cheerful orange bird with green wings, standing against a white background.

👉 Craving a dash of Vitamin D for your desk? Snag an Orange Bird.


The Trump BrickHeadz – Yuge Personality Included

Moving onto something a bit more…presidential. Our Trump BrickHeadz captures all the unforgettable flair of the 45th. 

Custom Lego BrickHeadz caricature of President Trump with distinctive hairstyle in blue suit and red tie, against a white background.

With a signature look that’s instantly recognizable, this model is all set to make any collection 'tremendous'.


👉 Make Your Shelf Great Again – Buy the Donald Trump BrickHeadz



Welcome President Biden BrickHeadz to the Party

And we can’t forget about Joe. Our Biden BrickHeadz brings the aviator-cool grandpa vibes right to your living room. 

Custom Lego BrickHeadz figure of President Biden with gray hair, blue suit, red tie, and American flag pin, presented on a white background.

With a smile that says, “I’ve got this,” this build is all about bringing a touch of reassurance (and maybe a bit of dad joke energy) into your home.


👉 Build Back Bricky with Joe Biden BrickHeadz



Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, our BrickHeadz might not solve all of life’s problems, but they’re guaranteed to make your shelf 100% cooler.


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