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Everything You Wanted To Know About Lego For Adults

Everything You Wanted To Know About Lego For Adults


Lego makes sets explicitly targeted at adults that can be a great tool to unwind, relax, and destress.

There's no denying that Lego has taken a trip down memory lane with adults of all ages. That's because what used to be a favorite toy growing up is now enjoyed by adults who need some playtime or relief from the stress of our daily lives.

Adult fans can choose from various themes, including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and many others. Although, obviously you can purchase and build any Lego set your heart desires.

The following are some of our favorite Lego sets designed specifically for adults:


Art Series

Art in any form is wonderful.

It brightens up an otherwise drab and dull environment; it gives us something to think about, or it makes us think about things we may otherwise not have considered.

The new series of Lego Art sets reinvents iconic masterpieces from the world's most influential artists, musicians, and movie characters.

Marylin Monroe Lego art by Andy WarholPhoto Credit: Lego Group
Star Wars Lego ArtPhoto Credit: Lego Group


The Lego Architecture series is composed of architectural landmarks and cityscapes from all over the world: from the Empire State Building to the London Eye, and including the Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, among many more.

Lego Architecture sets.Photo Credit: Lego Group


Whether you have an affinity for history or simply want to appreciate some fantastic buildings and cityscapes, these builds will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at buildings (even if you can't visit them in person).

Different designs come and go, but here are the current models available for sale by Lego.


Creator Expert

The Lego Creator Expert series is an ongoing collection of highly detailed and specialized models geared towards those who love the thrill of a great building challenge.

And as you can see from the examples, there's a lot of thrilling building to do:

These sets are characterized by their intricate design and premium exterior appearance, which means these are not your average Lego sets.

There are many excellent sets in this collection. A few notables are the Roman Colosseum, the Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Flower Bouquet, and the Assembly Square.



Mindstorms sets are an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology.

It's a robotics set which enables you to build, program, and control your very own robots.

You can connect your robot to Wi-Fi and program it with code blocks using the free mobile app, so it can move or sense when something happens around it.




The idea behind Lego Ideas is simple.

It's a platform where anyone can submit a product, and if it receives 10,000 votes from the community, it goes into a rigorous review process by Lego. There are many criteria they consider, but if it gets approved by the review board, the submission goes into production.

It's a way for Lego fans to have a say in what gets made.

Lego Grand Piano
Photo Credit: Lego Group


Some Ideas Sets that have been produced are: Saturn V rocket, Grand Piano, Central Perk, DeLorean Time Machine, and Wall-E

Browse current models available for sale here.



Lego Technic has been around for years. The Lego Technic series is the most complex building set that Lego has to offer.

It provides a challenge for experienced LEGO builders. Your can build advanced, real-life functions like gearboxes and steering systems.

Man building a Lego FerrariPhoto Credit: Lego Group


In this series, you'll find some amazing builds that include a Bugatti Chiron, Lamborguini Sián, The Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious, and smaller builds like the Race Plane or a Skid Steer Loader.


Closing thoughts

As life can get hectic with work, though, which means finding something you enjoy doing on your own time is essential.

Whether you want to work on your own creations, bring your designs into the real world, or simply take a walk on the imagination side of life with incredibly impressive models you've been eyeing — these are all great reasons to invest in some great Lego sets for adults.


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