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A collage of various LEGO sticker sheets, featuring diverse designs such as road signs, control panels, and character images including a Joker face and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Can You Get Replacement Stickers from LEGO?


Yes, it is possible to get replacement stickers for LEGO sets from LEGO customer service, though the availability may depend on how old the set is.


Lego Customer Service

LEGO customer services is known to be robust and very helpful. They will try to provide replacement sticker sheets for retired sets for up to around 2 years after the set has been discontinued. 


A screenshot of LEGO's official replacement sticker policy. It states that stickers are the cherry on top of every set and explains how to request them through the Bricks & Pieces service if they are missing or not sticking.


For recent LEGO sets, you can order replacement sticker sheets directly from LEGO's Bricks & Pieces service.


Limitations for Classic Sets

While LEGO's direct support is robust, it does have its limits, especially with vintage sets. Once a set has been retired for a significant period, it's unlikely that LEGO will have replacement stickers available.


So what's the best place to buy sticker sheets for older sets?


Bricklink and Brickowl

If you're in search of stickers for a set that falls outside of LEGO's replacement window, third-party platforms such as BrickLink or BrickOwl may offer the solution.

These sites specialize in LEGO products from third-party vendors and have a wide range of parts and stickers from older sets.


Effective Searching

When searching for stickers, whether through LEGO, BrickLink, BrickOwl, or even eBay, always include your specific LEGO set number to ensure accurate results.


A close-up of a LEGO set box for a Star Wars R2-D2 model. The box has the LEGO and Star Wars logos, an image of the R2-D2 model, and a highlighted circle showing the set number 75379.


Studbee Bricklink Store

Our Studbee Bricklink store, offers a large selection of sticker sheets for a variety of LEGO sets from a big range of years. Our inventory is updated based on demand and availability, this means our stock constantly changes.

A webpage showing an assortment of LEGO sticker sheets available for purchase, with various prices and quantities indicated beneath each sheet. The sheets contain a variety of designs, including bricks, windows, and holographic patterns.



👉 Check our Bricklink store to browse our current stock.


In Closing

The journey for sticker replacements, driven by needs ranging from second-hand set restoration to new set completion, underscores the rich resources available to LEGO enthusiasts.


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