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From a Single Orange Bird to a Flock: The Evolution of Our Brickheadz Creations

From a Single Orange Bird to a Flock: The Evolution of Our Brickheadz Creations


As a Gen-Xer growing up in Central Florida, I was surrounded by two things: Disney magic and endless orange groves. Once upon a time, this area was home to miles of citrus trees. I recall seeing this cheerful little bird with an orange for a head in commercials and billboards. During childhood visits to the Magic Kingdom, my family and I would enjoy fresh Florida orange juice at the Sunshine Tree Terrace with images of the “Orange Bird” smiling back at us.

Fast forward to today and that little orange-headed bird has made a comeback, adorning T-shirts, hats, backpacks, mugs and more! It was fun and nostalgic to see him again, so I began collecting all things Orange Bird, however I was coming up empty in my search for him in Lego form. Always up for a new project, I decided to try my hand at making my own Lego Brickheadz.  With a bit of trial and error (and help from our resident master builder), this little guy came to fruition!

His success was the spark that ignited new creativity amongst the StudBee team, next in the form of former and current presidents Trump and Biden, a familiar honey-loving bear named Pooh, and a friendly green frog fondly known as Kermit.  From there, the new builds were flowing fast and furious!

We now have 24 custom Brickheadz sets, mini builds for your your Lego city, a phone holder a Tesla lover would be proud of, and even a Florida skyline.  Our momentum isn't slowing, so be sure to bookmark us and stay updated on our latest designs!

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