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an assortment of lego minifigure characters

How Many Lego Minifigures Are There (As of 2023)


Lego Minifigures, also known as "minifigs," are small plastic figurines that are a staple of the popular building toy, Lego. These miniature characters are a key component of many Lego sets and are beloved by children and collectors alike.


So, how many Lego Minifigures are there in 2022?

This would be a great trivia question.

assortment of lego minifigure characters


As of early 2023, it is estimated that there are 14,848 unique Lego Minifigures that have been produced by Lego.


Top themes with most minifigures

Here are the themes that have the most minifigures:

Theme Qty
Town 3,191
Star Wars 1,308
DUPLO 1,028
Super Heroes 870
Collectible Minifigures 710
Castle 590
Friends 570
Harry Potter 429
Sports 310



The Minifigure that paved the way

The first Lego Minifigure was introduced in 1978 of a Police Man, and it marked a major milestone in the history of the Lego brand.

Prior to the minifigure, Lego sets were primarily focused on building structures and vehicles, rather than characters or figures. The introduction of the minifigure changed that, and it quickly became a key component of many Lego sets.


Closing thoughts

In conclusion, Lego Minifigures have come a long way since the first one was introduced in 1978. Today, there are over 14,848 unique minifigures available, representing a wide range of themes and franchises.

The world of Lego Minifigures is constantly evolving, and with new sets and series being released all the time, there is always something new and exciting to discover.

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