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How to Buy Individual Lego Pieces (Find Exactly What You Want)

How to Buy Individual Lego Pieces (Find Exactly What You Want)


So you have a Lego set, and it's missing a piece. Perhaps you are building something from your imagination, and you need a few specific pieces to finish your creation.

There are many places to buy Lego pieces—or "elements" as Lego officially calls them, one better than the other.

This article will show you places where you can buy Lego pieces online to make your imagination a reality.


assorted Lego pieces stored in different small bins

Can you buy Lego pieces individually?

Yes, you can buy Lego pieces individually. All you need to know is what Lego set number the part comes in or what the part number is.

Currently, the places you can get individual pieces are:

Lego's Pick a Brick Online - They have a very limited selection, and it's known that it can take a long time for them to deliver the shipment.

Lego Store Pick a Brick Wall - If you're lucky to have a Lego store in your area, they will have a very limited of parts for sell by the cup size. Again, the drawback is you're limited to what they have in stock.

Bricklink - It's the best place to buy Lego pieces. You will almost find all Lego pieces in existence for sale. It's like eBay but for Lego parts. It is now owned by the Lego Group. You can check out our current inventory at the Studbee Bricklink store.

Brick Owl - an alternative to Bricklink, not as widely used as Bricklink. You can find Studbee on Brick Owl too!



What if a Lego piece is missing?

Lego will most likely replace it for free on the rare occasion where you buy a brand new Lego set, and a part is missing. You can visit this Customer Service link to start the process.


How to find a Lego piece part number?

Every Lego element has a part number.

This is very convenient to have because it makes finding the part on Bricklink or Brick Owl so much easier. Where do you find the part number?

If you have the instructions for your set, go to the end of the booklet. You will find a picture of the part, the quantity included in the set, and the part number.

Find the piece you are looking for and take note of the part number. In our example, it's 6133896.


part list on a Lego set booklet


What if you don't have the booklet?

If you don't have the booklet to reference, you can find a digital copy of it on Lego's website.

Head over to Lego's customer service page by clicking this link. You'll need to type in the number of the Lego set you have.

Lego set box
Note the Lego set number.


Type the part number in the search box.


Bricklink dashboard


Once you search for the number. You'll get a pdf copy of the instructions. From there, you can find the part number you need.


PDF instructions from Lego's website
PDF instructions from the Lego website.


How and where to buy your missing part.

Once you have your part number, it's time to search on Bricklink.

Bricklink is like eBay but for Lego parts. It's an online marketplace where sellers from all around the world operate their own Bricklink store.

Here you can find any official Lego piece. Very rarely will you not find what you're looking for.

In the search bar, type in the part number.


Bricklink dashboard


Click on the search result, now just specify the color you need your part in.


Bricklink dashboard showing a 2 by 2 Lego tile part.


You'll then see results for different sellers that have the specific part number in the particular color you want. You'll note every seller has a slightly different price for the same part.


Bricklink dashboard showing sellers who carry the 2 x 2 tile piece with its corresponding price.


If you live in the US, we recommend buying from a seller that is based in the US. This way, your part will ship faster. The same obviously applies for whatever country you are buying from.

Click the blue View button, enter the quantity of parts you need, then add to cart.


Sidenote: You can find and search our Bricklink store here. We carry only new, unused pieces and are continually adding to our inventory.


Note that some sellers have different Minimum purchases, so you'll most likely have to buy other parts from them to meet the minimum. On the left side of the screen, you'll see the catalog of all the parts the carry.


Section of Bricklink that displays a unique selller's part inventory
Catalog of parts that a specific Bricklink store stocks.


Perhaps this is a good time to get some cool mini figures, accessories or other parts you think will be good to stock.

Once you are done adding to your shopping cart, simply follow the check out process.

Now lets talk about Brickowl...



An competitor to Bricklink is called Brickowl.

It serves the same purpose as Bricklink but with a different interface. Different people have their own preference for the Link or the Owl.

Sometimes you may find the parts you're looking for cheaper on Brickowl.


What if I don't know the part number?

What if you need to look for a part, but you don't know what set it comes in, nor can you reference the part number?

In this scenario, we'll have to do a descriptive search in Bricklink.

Say for example, we are looking for the piece below:

Showing a gray round 2x2 plate.

Let's type "round 2x2". The 2's are in reference to the number of studs vertically and horizontally.


Searching for a part on Bricklink.


As we scroll through the results, we find our piece: "Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole."

All is left to do is find the right color and go through the checkout process.


Search results from Bricklink search.


How do I order missing Lego stickers?

If you bought a brand new Lego set and you are missing the sticker sheet, you can contact Lego Customer Service, and they will most likely send you a free replacement.

If you are looking for a particular sheet, chances are you will find it on Bricklink or Brick Owl.

Say for example, you are looking for the sticker sheet that comes in set number 70430, simply go on Bricklink, and type "70430 sticker sheet" and voila!


Bricklink dashboard showing search results for a sticker sheet.


Closing thoughts

The excitement of the build, the challenges along the way, and even the little hiccups that happen is part of Lego building. Let yourself be inspired by the freedom to create whatever you want.

We'd love to see pictures of the awesome things you're making with your Lego bricks. If you're on social, tag your photos #studbee and share your creations on Instagram and TikTok.

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