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What Do People Use to Display Lego

What Do People Use to Display Lego


For us LEGO collectors, enthusiasts, and builders, finding the perfect way to display their creations is almost as important as the building process itself. 

In this guide, we'll explore various innovative and creative solutions that people use to showcase their LEGO masterpieces, moving beyond the traditional shelf.


Clear Acrylic Cases

Picture this: your LEGO masterpiece encased like a precious gem in a sleek, clear acrylic case. It’s like saying, “Behold, but please, hands off!”

These beauties are the superheroes of the display world, guarding against dust, dirt, and the occasional overzealous pet.

And the best part? They’re tailor-made suits for your LEGO sets, fitting every curve and corner perfectly.


👉 Acrylic cases for LEGO from iDisplayIt


Display Stands

This isn't just about giving your LEGO a raised platform; it's about creating a visual impact that draws viewers in, allowing them to appreciate the intricacies of your build from an enhanced perspective.


👉 Angled Shelf Display for Lego Sets by Studbee.


Wall-mounted Solutions

Who said art has to be painted or photographed? Your LEGO set, hanging on the wall, can transform your room into a gallery where each build has its spotlight.

You can find custom-built wall mounts for almost all major recent LEGO releases.

👉 Wall Displays for Lego by UltimateDisplay on Etsy


Wall Display for Lego minifigures in acrylic enclosure

👉 Wall Display Case for Lego Minifigures by iDisplayIt


Glass Cabinets and Display Cases

For the collector who says, “I see my LEGO collection as a refined, curated exhibition,” glass cabinets (especially the ones from Ikea) are your go-to. They’re like mini-museums in your home, where every visitor can marvel at your collection, safe behind glass—a dust-free zone where your LEGO can shine.

For bonus points, you can add LED spotlights to each shelf.

👉 BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet from Ikea


 👉 MILSBO Glass-door cabinet


👉 KALLAX Modular Shelf Unit

Floating Shelves

For those seeking a sleek, minimalist look that lets your LEGO creations take center stage, floating shelves could be the answer.

These shelves seem to defy gravity, creating the illusion that your LEGO sets are floating effortlessly against the wall. Not only does this give your display an ultra-modern vibe, but it also frees up valuable floor or surface space.

Floating shelves come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs, allowing you to tailor the look to your space and taste. Whether you opt for a simple, streamlined design or something more ornate with LED lighting, these shelves offer a fresh twist on traditional display methods.



Rotating Stands

Want to show off your LEGO set from every conceivable angle?


A rotating stand says, “Every side of my LEGO creation is its best side.” Whether you opt for a motorized version or keep it manual, it’s like giving your LEGO its very own runway show, complete with 360-degree views.

👉 Get a rotating display stand on Amazon. 


Creative Use of Space

And for the LEGO enthusiast who thinks outside the box (or the shelf, in this case), unconventional spaces can become the most extraordinary display areas.

Under the stairs? Above the door frame? Suspended from the ceiling?

These are the “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments that turn your space into a LEGO wonderland.


Glass Cloche Display

A glass cloche can serve as an elegant and decorative way to display tiny but elaborate LEGO sets, adding a touch of sophistication to the presentation.



In Conclusion

Displaying your LEGO sets isn’t just about storage; it’s about celebration, appreciation, and a bit of showmanship. 

 So, explore, experiment, and let your LEGO masterpieces shine in their full glory.

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