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Ideas for Minifigure Wall Displays (and other Lego builds)

Ideas for Minifigure Wall Displays (and other Lego builds)


We have a small apartment, so we're always looking for ways to maximize our Lego storage and displays in creative ways. 

So we built and iterated several wall mounts that display all of our Minifigures and keep them neatly organized and accessible.


Lego Minifigure Wall Display

We have an extensive collection of Lego Minifigures for sale in our store, but there's also a lot that we get to keep.

different minifigures in a round bin, mostly from harry potter


So we wondered...

What's the best way to display them?

We designed a large wall board display that is minimalist, easy to hang, and versatile. After a few iterations, we settled on this design. 


studbee large wall display board for lego minifigures



It's 12.5 inches by 11. The four rails allow for Lego bricks to be slid in any position (more on this decision later). This provides flexibility on how many Minifigures you want to display and how you want to arrange them. 

Bored of the display? 

No problem, just move it around and change things up as you desire.


an animation of different lego minifigure configurations in a studbee wall display board


Mount Lego Builds on your Wall

Additionally, you can mount and display any Lego builds. In this case, our Merdeces-AMG F1 Car. This is why we decided to design a rail system—strong support for heavy builds.


We haven't rated the weight capacity for this display, but we've put really heavy builds on it with no issues--as long as you build strong attachments from the model to the wall display.



With these dimensions, this Large Display Board can be stacked with others horizontally and vertically and maintain symmetry. 

Our rail display system also comes in a small sizefor a more exclusive place for your select minifigs.

a lego wall display of 5 minifigures:  a robin, batman with a speedo, the joker with a floatie, and a batman with a floatie


small wall display showcasing five lego star wars storm troopers

Pictured: Studbee Small Minifigure Wall Display


Is your refrigerator still running?

What's the coolest place to display Lego minifigs? Yup, your refrigerator.

The Studbee Magnetic Shelf is 20 studs wide. Strong and big enough to hold 5 select few Minifigures. 

two small magnetic shelfs displaying assorted lego minifigures on a home refrigerator


We made these mini shelves in black, white, and metallic gray—which should match beautifully with stainless steel surfaces.

five assorted minifigure on a studbee metallic silver display


If you ever thought your fridge was not cool enough, spice it up with cool Minifigures.

They'll keep an eye out on who's been eating all the ice cream. 


Closing thoughts

We've had a lot of fun with our Lego collection over the years, and like any other Lego collector out there, we've always looking for ways to display them proudly. 

If you're looking for a minimalist, sturdy, and configurable display, our Studbee Wall Displays are a great choice.



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