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Knolling Lego: A Creative Approach to Organizing Your Build

Knolling Lego: A Creative Approach to Organizing Your Build


Want to take your building to the next level? There's a fascinating organization technique that makes building easier and enhances the building experience in a whole new way. 


Let's talk about knolling.


The Art of Knolling: A Guide to Elevating Your LEGO Experience

LEGO building is a beloved pastime for people of all ages, but let's face it, sorting through a pile of mixed-up pieces can be a real block to the fun.

That's where knolling comes in.


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This organization technique not only saves time and reduces frustration but can also increase creativity and make the building process even more enjoyable.


What is Knolling?

Knolling is a method of arranging objects in a neat and orderly manner. Artist Andrew Kromelow first used it in his workshop to keep his tools organized in an "obsessive and beautiful display." 


knolled pieces of electronic

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Now, LEGO enthusiasts have adopted the technique to enhance their building experience.


In the context of LEGO building, knolling involves laying out all the pieces for a set in a flat and parallel manner. This lets you see all the pieces at once, making it easier to match them to the instructions and keep track of what you've used and still need.


Why Knolling with LEGO is Popular

LEGO is an ideal medium for knolling due to its uniform shape and size. When you organize LEGO bricks in a neat and orderly manner, it creates a beautiful and visually appealing composition—and itself—a work of art.

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Knolling with LEGO is also popular because it allows you to see the different colors and shapes of the bricks, making it easy to find the bricks you need when building your next creation.


The Beauty of Knolling 

Indeed, taking the time to knoll does require some extra effort and patience. However, many LEGO enthusiasts argue that the extra time and effort are well worth it. 


Knolling adds a new layer of enjoyment to the building process by transforming the scattered pieces into a beautiful, organized display. The process of knolling becomes a form of art in its own right, as the colors and shapes of the elements come together harmoniously and pleasingly. 


lego knolled pieces poster


And once the building process begins, the organized state of the pieces makes it easier to focus on the creative aspects of building rather than getting bogged down in the hassle of searching for the right piece. 


In short, knolling enhances the building experience by making it more enjoyable, creative, and efficient.


Steps to Knoll Your LEGO Collection

Here are the steps you should follow to knoll your LEGO collection:

  1. Gather all the LEGO bricks you want to organize.
  2. Sort the LEGO bricks by color and shape.
  3. Arrange the LEGO bricks in a 90-degree angle, creating a flat and organized surface.
  4. Take a photo of your knolled LEGO bricks to share with others.


Tips for Knolling with LEGO

Here are some tips to help you perfect your knolling skills:

  1. Use a white background to make the colors of the LEGO bricks pop.
  2. Experiment with different angles and compositions.
  3. Don't be afraid to mix and match different colors and shapes.
  4. Take your time and have fun with the process.


Final Thoughts 

Knolling is a valuable addition to any LEGO building experience. Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newbie, taking the time to organize your pieces before building can make a world of difference. 


With practice, you can master the technique and create beautiful and visually appealing compositions. So, gather your LEGO bricks, get organized, and start knolling away. 


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