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Lego Building: A Kind of Guided Meditation

Lego Building: A Kind of Guided Meditation


Life can be stressful, and it is getting harder to free your mind of all that's happening in the world and our own lives.

Meditation has been the latest thing in health and fitness.

Many people have already started meditating to relieve the stress, but most find it too dull.

We tend to think of meditation as something which involves the feet crossed and hands positioned in a specific fashion.

But as it turns out, you can meditate with any activity that requires focus, including building with Lego.



Building a Lego set is a kind of guided meditation with both intangible and tangible rewards at the end.

Meditation is simply being a period of time where you focus on a specific thought or idea. You can do this for the benefit of focusing your mind and calming it.


Why meditate?

There are numerous reasons people meditate.

Some religions, such as Buddhism, encourage meditating regularly. Some people do it to relax their minds. Other times, people will use mediation for its health benefits, such as helping relieve anxiety.

But what does Lego have to do with meditation?

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is when you are given a specific idea or thought to meditate on for a period of time, with the goal of focusing the mind and achieving a calm inner balance.



This can be in the form of someone telling you what to think about (think of Headspace), but it could also be an activity that makes you focus completely on what you're doing—thus distracting your mind from everything else and allow it to focus itself without any added effort.

Lego meditating

Lego building is a example of guided meditation.

For example, if you are building a Lego set, you will probably be naturally drawn to the Lego pieces' colors and shapes, allowing your mind to focus on those aspects instead of anything else.

Still, there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your mind wander while doing something like this because it could lead to interesting thoughts or ideas popping into your head.

Lego parts in organized in different bins

Overall, building Lego falls under the category of guided meditation because you are focused on what you are building, whether it's making your own creation or following building instructions.

Because you are focused on building—you may have already noticed—time goes by really fast.


You do not have to be building a Lego set in order for this to happen.

Any interesting or distracting activity could qualify for guided meditation as long as it leads your mind down a specific path and away from thinking about anything else.

Examples include painting, running, lifting weights, yoga, or even an outdoor walk, etc.


Closing thoughts

There are many health benefits to meditation—these range from relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and calming the nervous system.

Now that you know that Lego building can have many more benefits than merely play, now you have an excellent excuse to finally purchase that Lego set you've been eying, or buy even more sets or parts. Shameless plug: our Bricklink store is a great place to look.

Happy Lego Meditating!

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