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lego monofigures gray white light blue and red

What are Monochromatic Lego Minifigures?


If you've been looking for the next great Lego minifigure to add to your collection but aren’t sure what you want, we have an awesome suggestion: add some monochromatic figures.

Lego Monochromatic minifigures look beautiful in any Lego minifig collection.



I’m a big fan of the minimalist Lego designs. These are especially amazing if you need an alternative to your existing Lego collection.

What is a Monofig?

Monochromatic minifigures—or monofigs—are minifigures that have the same colored head, torso and legs—and in some cases the same color accessories.

They come in a broad range of official Lego colors and assembled using genuine Lego parts.

On June 2021, Lego released official stock monochrome minifigures. More on that below.

Where to buy monofigs?

LEGO monochromatic minifigures are beautiful in any collection, and some of the best Lego minifigure designs out there to collect. We stocked a few color monofigs in our eBay store.

Check them out!


All the listings below are subject to availability.

White Monofig

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Red Monofig

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Light Blueish Gray Monofig

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Light Aqua Monofig

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Official Lego Monochrome Minifigures

With the release of Set #40516 Everyone is Awesome, LEGO introduced their own official monochrome minifigures.

There are eleven different characters, each figure has its own matching hairpiece. The company's purpose is to showcase diversity in our world and celebrate inclusivity and love. It's a great metaphor for how people can be different while still fitting in.


picture of the Lego Everyone is Awesome monochromatic set.
yellow, light blue, yellow, red and black minifigures interacting with each other
white and light blue monochrome minifigures

Official Lego Monochrome Minifigure Colors

There are now 11 official Lego monochrome minifigures. These are the colors along with the minifigure number—helpful to know if you want to buy any single particular color on eBay (link to our store).

  • Black - #tls100
  • Reddish Brown - #tls101
  • Red - #tls102
  • Orange - #tls103
  • Yellow - #tls104
  • Bright Green - #tls105
  • Blue Monochrome - #tls106
  • Dark Purple - #tls107
  • Bright Light Blue - #tls108
  • White - #tls109
  • Dark Pink - #tls110


different colors of lego monochrome figures


For Lego fans and collectors, the monochromatic minifigures are definitely worth your money. They are a nice addition to any collection and you will probably enjoy it more since they do not look like they belong to any specific set.

They also look really pleasing to the eyes so they’ll surely enhance the appearance of your Lego display cabinets, or whatever set you choose to put them in.


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