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studbee mothers day gift guide

Mother's Day LEGO Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Brick-ing Has It All (2023)




Brick Separator Women's Relaxed T-Shirt - Embroidered Design

Brick Separator Women's Relaxed T-Shirt


You know those little brick separator tools you get with every LEGO set?

Yeah, those things that you have, like, a thousand of. Well, guess what? Now you can wear one on a t-shirt, because why not?


📍Brick Separator Women's Relaxed T-Shirt



Brick Elements Coffee Mug

<p>a coffee mug with a lego bricks design]</p> <p> </p>

What could be better than a hot cup of coffee? A hot cup of coffee in a LEGO-themed mug, obviously!

Featuring an eye-catching design made up of knolled LEGO elements, this ceramic mug is perfect for coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage.

It's the ultimate gift to bring a smile to your mom's face every morning while she sips her favorite brew.

📍Lego Bricks Coffee Mug



Lego Heart Keychain for Two

Lego Matching Heart Keychain

Celebrate the bond of love between a mom and you with this heartwarming Lego Matching Heart Keychain.

Each keychain set comes with two authentic Lego® bricks, which, when joined together, create a heart—allowing you and your beloved mom to keep a symbol of your connection close at all times.

It's like a mom-and-me dynamic duo, but in LEGO form.

📍Lego Heart Keychain for Two



Final Thoughts

Now, bear in mind that some of these fabulous items are made to order, so don't leave it to the last minute.

Make sure you place your order well in advance of Mother's Day to ensure timely shipping and delivery.

Now, go forth and spread the Lego love!


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