Last week we had the pleasure of attending Brickworld in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a blast and we met the nicest people. We met up with some of our favorite builders and made new friends as well.

There were many Lego displays, sculptures, and vignettes scattered all over the convention center. In this post, we'll show you some of the builds.


Here's the video and the photos below:


What is a Brickworld?

Brickworld is a series of large conventions for kids and adult fans of Lego (AFOL) held in the Midwest United States.

The Brickworld experience is a unique hybrid of a LEGO build display convention and independent vendor market. It's a place for Lego fans, kids, adults, grandma and grandpa can all enjoy together and be inspired.

They have several shows in Midwest cities such as Chicago, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Brickworld Indianapolis Photos

The Indiana State Fairgrounds was the site for this year's Brickworld Indiana 2021. The event ran from October 2 to the 3rd, 2021.

It was a convention space full of incredible displays built by LEGO fans, hobbyists, as labors of love and passion. There were also vendors selling everything from sets, accessories and minifigures.

Let's take a look at some photos from the event:


There were a lot of Lego rollercoaster and train builds.


Here's an overall view of a Lego theme-park build:

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There were plenty of Robots:


Perhaps the most towering and mesmerizing build was a model of the Indiana State Soldiers & Sailors Monument.


Aside from all the Lego brick-building in the house, there was still some construction happening.


There were many Lego City and Towns (and Space Colonies) represented:


Minecraft builds in the house representing:


Notably, there was a big collection of Minifig Alarm Clocks:


Speaking of Minifigs, they were plentiful for sale, both new, used, and custom-printed.



The most substantial build in terms of size was this city with some notable Chicago buildings.


Here are some various MOC builds.


Some large-scale themed scenes:


Brickworld in Indy was a blast!

Tons to see, lots of great people to meet, and many minifigures to collect! If you've never been to one, we highly suggest you experience it. Just remember to bring comfortable shoes—there's a lot of awesomeness to see!