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What is Bricklink? (A Beginners Guide)

What is Bricklink? (A Beginners Guide)


Simply put, Bricklink is an online market where you can buy almost any Lego piece ever made. 

When might you find yourself using Bricklink?

  • You're looking to replace a specific piece you lost from a set you have.
  • You're looking for an old and hard-to-find lego set.
  • You want to take your Lego addiction to the next level and start building your own creations.
  • Looking for instructions for custom lego sets to build.
  • Want to start a side business selling Lego parts.


Here are some main points for beginners to know about Bricklink.


What is Bricklink?

BrickLink is a marketplace for buying and selling Lego bricks, minifigs, and other LEGO-related items. It's a popular site among LEGO fans and collectors who want to find and acquire individual pieces to build their collections.


a cream colored tank made from lego

 Build by mechanized_builds


star wars atst micro builds from lego

 Lego Star Wars by legofaume


In addition to a catalog of parts, you can also find Minifigures, sticker sheets, gear, and instruction manuals. 


Two Sides of Bricklink

BrickLink is a website that has two sides: one for buyers and one for sellers. 

The buyer side of the site allows users to search for and purchase Lego bricks, minifigs, and other items from individual sellers from all over the world. The seller side of the site allows users to create their own storefronts and list items for sale.


screenshot of studbee storefront on bricklink

Photo of our Bricklink storefront.



As a buyer on BrickLink, you can search for specific parts (or elements in Lego parlance) or browse through different categories to find what you're looking for. 

Once you've found an item you're interested in, you can add it to your cart and complete the purchase through the site. Note that these parts will be shipped by individual sellers. 

 screenshot of bricklink store - it a list of slope lego parts

This is what it you would see if you, for example, were looking for slopes. 


As a seller on BrickLink, you can create your own storefront and list items for sale. This allows other users to find and purchase your items. You can also use the site's tools to manage your inventory and track your sales.


Bricklink has historical price data, so you can adjust your pricing to current market pricing. But you can list at any price you desire, but keep in mind you want to remain competitive.



Generally, the more inventory you have, the better. This means buyers will purchase more parts from you; this way, they minimize the number of packages shipped from different buyers. Shipping costs can add up.


As a seller, you want to offer excellent service and prompt shipping. You want to earn great reviews and repeat buyers. Buyers can favorite your store and search for parts from their favorite stores as default.


Great Resource for Minifig Collectors

One of the great things about BrickLink is that you can buy virtually any Lego Minifigure that has been made.

Whether you're looking for a rare or hard-to-find minifig or just a common one to add to your collection, you can likely find it on BrickLink. 

two small minifigure displays on a refrigeratora small minifig display at our fridge office 


The site has a large community of sellers worldwide who list a wide variety of Lego minifigs for sale, so you can easily search for the specific one you're looking for. 


Overall, BrickLink, in addition to eBay, is an excellent resource for anyone looking to buy Lego minifigs—in addition to our online store.😊


Lego Group Owned

In November 2019, The Lego Group purchased BrickLink to strengthen its connection with its adult fan base. The acquisition is expected to help the company better engage with its adult fans and provide them with a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.



Another great section of the site is its MOC gallery, officially named Studio Gallery. 

MOC is an acronym for "my own creation." They are basically models built by users. 


screenshot of MOC builds
Screenshot of a few MOC builds on the Studio section of Bricklink


In the Studio Gallery, you can browse through thousands of designs and find part lists and building instructions. Then, if you feel strongly about a design, you can download the part lists and upload them to Bricklink to purchase all the parts you need—all in a few clicks.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bricklink is an incredible resource for Lego fans looking to search for and purchase specific Lego parts (elements). 


With a vast selection of Lego pieces from every era of the company's history, Bricklink is a treasure trove for fans who want to complete their collections or build their dream creations.


Whether you're a casual fan or a serious AFOL (Adult Fan of LEgo), Bricklink is a must-visit destination for all things Lego building.


If you found this guide helpful, add our store to your Bricklink favorites. 😁

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