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lego minifigures on display

Where to Buy Lego Minifigures


What if you needed to buy some new Minifigures for your Lego collection but didn't want to buy the entire set? Maybe you just wanted Batman or a Storm Trooper.

Legos sets are expensive, and buying a whole set can be inconvenient if you only need specific minifigs.


several minifigures displayed on a studbee wall board

Pictured: Studbee Minifigure Wall Display


Sadly, your local toy store won't just stock specific Minifigures you want.

If you need to buy some individual Lego mini figures, what are some great places to look?

Whether you're looking to buy figures from the Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Super Heroes, or Star Wars series, any theme available by Lego, here are some great places to find individual minifigs:


Buying Lego Minifigures on eBay is probably the best way to start.

eBay is a great place to find minifigs because you can find both used and new (never used straight out of the box) minifigs.

You'll be able to find pretty much any minifigs from recent set releases, all the way to older, more rare ones.


two small minifigure displays on a refrigerator


The great thing about buying minifigs on eBay is that some sellers will include accessories related to the character, for example, lightsabers, swords, weapons, etc.

You can start your search by checking out our own eBay Minifigure store, we are continually adding new listings. 😌

If you can't find the specific Minifigure you're looking for, searching on Bricklink will be your next move.



Your second-best option for buying Minifigures is Bricklink.

If you're unfamiliar, Bricklink is like eBay for Lego pieces. You can pretty much find and buy any Lego piece ever made there. Their prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Whatever Minifigures you're looking for, chances are you will find it.

The only drawback with Bricklink is that the majority of sellers will have a minimum order price or lot limits.

Sidenote: Brickowl is the competitor site to Bricklink.


Lego Store

If you're looking for standard Minifigures, not from any specific movie or other property, and if you are lucky enough to have a Lego store nearby, you might be able to build your own Minifigures.

In some Lego stores, you can find an assortment of different colors and designs for legs, torsos, heads, hair, and accessories from which you can build your own.

Depending on the store, you may even do your own custom printing on the minifig.



Etsy is a great place to find really cool customized minifigs. These will be unofficial Lego themes but often made from genuine lego parts.

If this is important to you, always check the listing to see if the parts are Lego genuine.

minifigure listings on etsy


Sidenote: eBay is another excellent place to find customized Minifigures.


Specialty Online Shops

Studbee Minifig Store - We continually grow our collection of authentic Lego Minifigures. They are all extracted from sets that we part out for our Bricklink store. In our collection, you'll find both new and vintage minifigs.

Citizen Brick - Great selection of custom-printed Lego parts and custom Minifigures.

The Minifig Co - Here, you'll find seasonal Minifigure collections. They do limit releases often so their stock changes all the time. Worth checking them out periodically.

Also, they have a great assortment of Minifigure accessories.

MiniFigs.Me - They custom-make their own Minifigures and have an excellent selection of characters of various tv shows and movies. They are based in England, but they ship almost everywhere.


different minifigures in a round bin, mostly from harry potter


Closing Thoughts

There are thousands of cool mini-figures out there, and some can be hard to come by. We hope by checking these websites you can find what you are looking for.

But remember, things are constantly changing, and new figures are always made available periodically.


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